Jenna Hipp Essential Nail & Hand Cream ( 4 oz., ea. 3 pk.)

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Get healthy hands and nails with Jenna Hipp Essential nail and hand cream. This cream is nourishing therapy for dry skin and brittle nails. Created to smooth, soften, and comfort your overworked hands. Nutrient rich botanicals and nourishing essential oils purify, renew and protect skin.

About Jenna Hipp

Jenna is a world renowned celebrity Green Nail Artist. During her time as a celebrity makeup artist and nail stylist, Jenna Hipp experienced the adverse effects of harmful toxins in the beauty products she was using. Because of this, Jenna was determined to focus her efforts into promoting a cleaner lifestyle. Inspired by the tried and true treatments and remedies of cultures encountered in her travels around the globe, Jenna selects only the best ingredients to create products free of harmful chemicals while being efficacious. Designed to nurture, soothe and enliven both the body and mind, her formulas transform everyday personal care into sensorial rituals.

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