Neutrogena Body Oil Moisturizer (16 fl. oz., 2 pk. + 1.0 fl. oz., 1 pk.)

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Pamper your skin with Neutrogena Lightweight Body Oil, a sheer moisturizing experience. This lightweight body oil is made with a delicate sesame formula that vanishes into the skin providing essential, instant hydration for dry skin. While your skin is still damp after a shower or bath, smooth on a few drops of body oil. In the bath, add to water to soften your skin while you bathe. This moisturizing sheer body oil absorbs quickly to nourish skin, and leaves skin feeling soft and silky.

In the bath:  Add the dry skin body oil to water to soften and nourish your skin while you bathe

Shaving: Use in place of your favorite shave cream for silky-smooth, tug-free hair removal

As a moisture treatment – Smooth dry elbows, knees and heels.

Soften cuticles: gently massage a drop of oil around cuticles and nails to ease dryness and add a subtle sheen,

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